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H5 Crafting Server

L2 PvPCraft is a free-to-play Lineage2 private server with many adaptions and improvements to create a unique gaming experience.

Let us give you an overview of our features:

  • Crafting friendly
  • Rebirth System for extra Skills
  • Ingame-Bot / Autofarm System
  • Dwarf's Spoiler and Crafter combined (both classes can craft AND Spoil)
  • Improved character stats and skills
  • Many custom drops and spoils
  • Useful Voting Rewards
  • Special in-game donation system
  • Automated Events

L2 PvP Crafting Server offers an immersive experience tailored for long-term engagement with a meticulously balanced 150x rates. In this challenging realm teeming with demons and monsters, every class is essential and fully playable, emphasizing strategy and skill over convenience.

Our server steadfastly upholds a no-GM-Shop, fostering a true crafting-centric environment. Here, success and advancement are the fruits of your own efforts. Nothing is simply handed to you. Craft, conquer, and collaborate your way through a richly detailed world where every interaction and every victory is earned.








Custom Drops

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Server Features

Server Hardware

To ensure an unparalleled, fluid gaming experience, our server infrastructure significantly surpasses the capabilities typically found in standard Lineage 2 private server setups. Our commitment to maintaining a high-performance environment means we are equipped with advanced hardware that can handle intensive processes and a large volume of players with ease. As our community expands and the demands on our server increase, we are fully prepared to scale our resources. We continuously monitor our system's performance and are ready to implement upgrades at a moment's notice to support additional processing needs. This proactive approach guarantees that our server remains robust and responsive, adapting to the needs of our growing player base and evolving game dynamics without compromising on speed or stability.

  • Location: Germany
  • CPU: 18 vCore
  • RAM: 48GB DDR4 ECC
  • HDD: 1.5TB SSD (RAID10)
  • Network: 1000 Mbit/s

AutoFarm / AutoHunt Feature.

With the .autofarm command you can open the menu for autofarm, configure skills, and character behaviour.

On the bottom right you can change the targeting behaviour of your character:

  • Party leader assist
  • Servitor assist
  • Passive assist

If you fight alone, make sure all these options are turned off. And if you are a melee fighter, make sure use autoattack is turned on. As mage you might want to turn it off.

Classes and Stats adaptions

All classes on PvPCraft have +10 runspeed, increased hp/cp recovery and much higher passive mana regeneration depending on which of our server you play. In our opinion mana management was a little bit frustrating and needed corrections.

Also it doesnt make sense to level an otherwise useless character for weeks just for crafting. Thats why we combined dwarf's spoiler and crafter. Both classes have spoil and craft item skills.

We added these skills to the following classes:

  • Maestro: Focus Mind Boost Mana Fast Mana Recovery Spoil Spoil Festival Spoil Crush Spoil Bomb Lucky Strike
  • Bounty Hunter: Focus Mind Fast Mana Recovery Create Item Dagger Mastery Deadly Blow
  • Sword Singer: Two-Handed Sword Mastery Final Frenzy Crush of Doom
  • Blade Dancer: War Cry Boost Attack Speed Tripple Slash
  • Warcryer: First Weapon Mastery Burning Fist

Drops and Spoils

Our server are crafting driven and offer an rewarding crafting system. Many recipe drops and spoils have been added. For example S grade armors are now accessible without quests. Also some areas have been optimized to fill the gaps from getting the materials you need.

Since many common materials were missing in the late game, so we refined a couple of areas:

  • Blazing Grounds: Coal, Charcoal, Cokes
  • Archnic Larboratory: Iron, Steel, Varnish
  • Tower of Insolence: A-Grade armor recipes
  • Valley of Saints: A-Grade armor recipes
  • Hardins Academy: the hills of Hardin's Academy now contain the legacy monsters of dragon valley cave and have increased A grade keymats drops and spoils.
  • Ketra Orc Outpost: Imperial Crusader armor recipes
  • Varka Orc Outpost: Major Arcana armor recipes
  • Forge of Gods: Draconic Leather armor recipes

Voting & Rewards

Voting reward coins can be used to trade 60% Recipes against 100% recipes, so dont forget to vote! If necessary we will add more adaptions for your seamless gaming experience.

You can find the NPC in the center of Giran to exchange voting Coins (Beleth's Medal Coin) and 60% recipes, against 100% recipes.

  • A-Grade Armors 60% -> 100%
  • A-Grade Weapons 60% -> 100%
  • S-Grade Armors 60% -> 100%
  • S-Grade Weapons 60% -> 100%


Take part of the automated events of L2 PvPCraft to gain event medals which can be exchanged for special items and equipment.

To make the server more fun and enjoyable we have automated events every day. These events are available:

  • Deathmatch
  • Capture the flag
  • Last man standing
  • Lucky Chests
  • Domination
  • Mass Domination

Take part of the automated events of L2 PvPCraft to gain event medals which can be exchanged for special items and equipment.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • L2 is completely free-to-play and can be played without restrictions for free.

  • Just download a clean client from a source of your choice, download and apply the patch, and start the game. The accounts a created automatically, just type in a username and passwort in the game and login.

    Check the connect page for more information

  • The autofarm is a premium feature and is available if you applied premium to your account. if so, you can open the autofarm menu typing .autofarm into the chat.

  • Crystals can be obtained by dwarfs crystalize skill, or by buing them with Vote-Coins or Apiga (Event Coins).

  • Make sure use attack is turned on if you are a melee, and party assist is turned off if you are currently not in a party.

  • In the center of Giran there is a NPC where you can trade vote coins and recipes(60%) against recipes(100%).

  • We have a special in-game donation system. Just open the community board and create a paypal invoice. Then you can make the payment within your paypal account, and request the reward coins in the game.

  • Feel free to join our discord:
    L2 PvPCraft discord server